The history of mankind has always been defined by men and women who changed the course of history and in their deed; the course of mankind. IYORE tells the story of a life after life… a circle that we live not remembering who we were in the world before… a mythical tale set around the ancient city of Benin kingdom… Edo state of Nigeria… This epic feature is a mixture of historical facts and fiction. It explores a tragic love story centered on the rich culture of pre-colonial Benin through to the present day of Benin whilst exploring the supernatural ideas of Reincarnation.

Invasion 1897

The 1897 invasion of Benin marked the climax in the inordinate exploitation of Africans and black peoples by the West. This sinister quest began with slavery and later evolved to the famed scramble for Africa where the entire continent was divided among the then European world powers.

The shameful conquest of Africa was actually motivated by the greed and exploitation of the resources of the African people to the advantage of Europe and America.

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Screen Age:
25 - 40
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  • English
  • Hausa
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  • Kannywood


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