'Champagne' explores the concept of an open marriage between a young couple, Tare Hopewell (Alex Ekubo) and his young wife Champagne (Rose Zimu).

The couple date other unsuspecting people mainly for money and perks until they bite off more than they can chew when they meet the enigmatic Mr. Douglas ( Majid Michel).

Suddenly the seemingly harmless game of ‘hit & run’ turns into a deadly game of high stakes where the winner takes all.

A Few Good Men

Fred (Joseph Benjamin), a successful banker, gets dumped on the night he had arranged to propose to his love interest, Ivie (Uru Eke). She says he was “too nice.” Fred goes into a depression and wrestles with why being good and nice should be a disadvantage in a relationship. Ada (Kate Henshaw) who herself has been through a break up for being “too successful”, and Toks (Oreka Godis) try to help Fred get back on his feet.

Almost Perfect

Ada and Nonso’s marriage was almost perfect … if only Nonso will get a job. Then again, is any marriage prefect? It’s never easy for the man when his wife is the breadwinner

Being Mrs. Elliot

Two women, in a simple twist of fate, find their worlds colliding with each other and their lives turned upside down as they meet two men who are on a different path in life. In a maze of deception, lust, pain and jealousy, they try to make sense of finding love in unusual places

The Perfect Plan

A blind mother gives her son an ultimatum to get married so she can hear the voices of her grandchildren before she dies, not being able to get his ‘ever busy’ girlfriend to spend time with his mother, he comes up with a perfect plan- a plan that will change the course of destiny. The perfect plan tells the story of four people Toks, Beatrice, Rain and Ogey who find themselves entwined in a love triangle.

Devil in the Detail

A suspicious affair ruins an almost perfect marriage as husband and wife take a wild goose chase into the world of sex, lies and betrayal, risking everything in one of the craziest love triangles ever.

Finding Love

A romantic comedy about true love, based on the challenges and flaws in different kinds of relationships: ‘Celebrity Guy with His Baby Mamas’, ‘Bisexual Guy’s Preference Towards Love’, ‘Top Working Class Ladies with Low Life Men’, Young Girl with Sugar Daddy for Material Love’ etc …

It is a 6-in-1 story, all independent of each other, but having one central theme, which is the search of ‘Finding Love’.

More Than Friends

More Than Friends is the story of a Tyroon (John Dumelo) – a handsome young man who solely believes that a man cannot be just friends with a women he finds sexually attractive. Sharon (Rukky Sanda) an intelligent working class woman who sees herself as a human affront to all women totally disagrees and believes not all men are the same. Friendship with an opposite sex doesn’t always have to involve intimacy. This is not your typical love story. It’s karma, it’s fate, it’s an emotional roller coaster.

A Nothern Affair

The Northern Affair centers around Esaba (Joselyn Dumas) who is trying to get out of an abusive marriage life with millionaire husband Marc (Jon Germain). Esaba, a nurse, teams up with John Dumelo (Dr. Manuel Quagraine) in a small fishing village to provide healthcare . Sparks fly and the two begin to fall in love but each one has a dark secret that will threaten whatever love they will share. A distraction in Esaba’s marriage in the form of Cara.

Lagos Cougars

The movie is a raunchy, zany chick flick about three professional, single ladies in their forties, bored with life, who decide to let go of their inhibitions and take a walk on the wild side. They indulge in relationships with some young, hot studs! The result? One long, delicious pleasure ride! Hide your sons, Mama! The cougars have come to town!

Blood and Romance

Blood and Romance is a love story, which circles around a serving member of the youth service corps and an illiterate village girl who happen to fall in love despite the language barrier. The corp member, a graduate of Agronomy, was sent to a village where he was the first corp member ever to have been sent to that part, to orient the people about modern day farming.

Desperate Housegirls

Three beautiful, smart, young girls have had enough of the ghetto life. In a bid to step up their game, they decide to become house girls to rich families. Their mission is simple: Get rich or die trying.

The Meeting

Lagos-based corporate executive Makinde Esho finds himself at the mercy of political patronage, bureaucratic red-tape and his tender heart when he embarks on a one day business trip to Abuja to secure a government contract.

Heavy Beauty

An eighteen year old girl, who has always had the dream of becoming a beauty queen, finally gets the chance, but her dream is almost truncated by an unexpected and very unwanted pregnancy. She is caught between having the baby and going ahead with the pageant.

Cheaters Book 1

A frustrated girlfriend launches a complicated undercover surveillance plan to find out whether her suspiciously acting boyfriend is cheating, but unbeknownst to her he has the same game plan in mind.

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Screen Age:
25 - 40
Language Spoken:
  • English
  • Hausa
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  • Kannywood


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