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Encore is a dark thriller directed and produced along with Mohammed Ali by Achor Yusuf a graduate of NFI (National Film institute). The story revolves around a young Geology geek who leads his friends and study pals into an expedition in a jungle. But the jungle has a troubled past coutesy of the tribe that lived there centuries ago and it comes up to haunt our friends including the Geology geek who descended from this tribe. The movie promises to thrill you from what has been seen in the trailer and it's a complete deviation from the norm in Nigerian film making what with the mixture of new faces with a sprinkling of veterans and some nice technical styles like the special effects, the make up and the shooting of outdoor night scenes during the day, something rarely done in Nigeria. The film has a cameo from Joseph Benjamin and stars Belinda Effah, Andrew Douglas, Iyke Arinze and Sidney Diala among others. It's tentatively set for release in April. If you want to know what went down in the forest keep a date with Encore.

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25 - 40
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  • English
  • Hausa
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  • Kannywood


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